Practical Training

It would be great if we could all work or play outdoors without ever having a need for this training. But the truth is incidents and emergencies happen all too often. 


Internationally Recognized

The Outside Medicine curriculum is based on evidence and experience. The skills in our courses follow national standards of patient care to promote optimal outcomes. We provide internationally recognized certifications in wilderness medicine  that meet or exceed the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative (WMEC) scope of practice guidelines.

Outside link:  WMEC scope of practice.


Quality Instruction for Hawaii, Continental USA, and Internationally

Lead instructor, Patrick Noble, has been teaching in the state of Hawaii for many years now. Case studies and scenarios for HI courses use locations from within the state and situations that are likely to occur. Outside Medicine is an approved vendor for both the state of HI as well as RCUH/PCSU. 

On the Mainland, course locations are desert, mountains, coast, and rainforests including California, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Washington, and Oregon. Various courses have benefitted search & rescue teams, prep schools, universities, conservation organizations, watershed partnerships, solo adventure seekers, couples, and families. This is necessary training for work and play in the outdoors.


International trainings are also available. Outside Medicine has collaborated with an outfitter in Ecuador to offer a hybrid WFR along the banks of the Quijos River. Instructor Patrick Noble is fluent in Spanish. 


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Patrick is a Nationally Registered Paramedic with 22 years experience in Emergency Medicine, 12 years experience teaching, and countless hours in the backcountry. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience to instructing. Patrick is skilled at keeping a course focused while also encouraging curiosity and fun. He has worked as a Firefighter and Paramedic, Pro Ski Patrol, and in an Urgent Care clinic. His favorite place to be is outdoors where he likes to rock climb, swim, kayak, surf, ski, and backpack.